Prof. Ana Laura Tinoca Cordeiro

Gracie Barra recognizes the Gracie Barra Women training in GB academies all over the world.

In a serie of articles on, we feature some high level GB women Professors who share their experiences and talk about the role that jiu-jitsu plays in their lives.

This week GB features Prof. Ana Laura Tinoca Cordeiro of Gracie Barra Upland, California

1) Can you tell the Gracie Barra readers a little about your background?
Where are you from and how did you get started training jiu-jitsu?

Prof. Ana : I’ve been doing Jiu Jitsu for over 15 years, earning a back belt 2nd, degree. I’m from  Brasilia and when I was 16, I was a teenager who was a bit overweight and wanted to get in shape.

2) What do you say to women who ask you about trying jiu-jitsu classes?

Don’t hesitate, do it!

3) How do you see jiu-jitsu improving women’s life?

Prof. Ana : Women have a special need to know how to defend themselves. In Jiu Jitsu you can find the self confidence you need to face though times. Jiu Jitsu is awesome!

4) What is the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your training?  
Prof. Ana : I have to discipline myself and my mind. Those are your biggest opponents.

5) How did you overcome it?  
Prof. Ana : By knowing it was worth it.

6) Are there any unique challenges that a female BJJ student faces?
Prof. Ana: Jiu Jitsu is the same for any one. You just have to give the right time, out the effort  so you can get the benefits.

7) What is the place of jiu-jitsu in your life?
Prof. Ana : BJJ is a part of me, I apply my Jiu Jitsu in all the areas of my life.

8) How do the lessons from the mat apply to your life outside the academy?
Prof. Ana: I do bjj all day long, so I need to have a lot of discipline to manage my time between my daughter,  my work, my husband and my students.

9)What is the best training advice that someone gave you about jiu-jitsu?

Prof. Ana: Not just in bjj, but in all you want to do, you have to give your best, trying to be the best. It doesn’t matter the area. Just do your best and you will get the best. “Hard work works”

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Instagram: @bjjmarkmullen