1st day of the GBWS was the Legacy Day.

On this day Gracie Barra members from all over the world all gathered in one place – The Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, one of the most famous cities in the world.

Commitment, brotherhood, friendship, joy…all of this an much more is what people experienced all day long.The GB family reunited like never before to learn and experience unique moments with huge names of our sport.

Today’s speakers put up a show apart and make history inspiring with their live experiences and advanced knowledge of the Jiu-Jitsu world. Professors Braulio Estima and Orlando Sanchez were on fire as the hostes of our event – the crowd didn’t blink when they were on stage.  Master Carlos Gracie Jr. was more inspired than ever before, we were all ecstatic with Carlinhos’ enriching stories.

Another highlight of the Gracie Barra World Summit’s first day was when some of our first black belts like Master Marcio Simas and professors Nelson Monteiro and Vinicius Draculino shared their stories and made us all proud of our great leaders. It was a relaxing and joyful moment.

In the evening of the Legacy Day we were also able to hear and get inspired by the life of our team mates who had been through a lot but never lost focus and nowadays are living the life they always wanted – examples like professor Fabiana Borges who left the favelas in Rio de Janeiro to become a world champion and a school owner at her 20s, professor Lucio Lagarto who survived cancer, coach Sean Fong who found strength in Jiu-Jitsu after losing a leg and an arm in an accident, and professor Bruno Fernandes who left his career as a doctor to be an example of discipline on and off de mat.

To close out the day we had the Legacy Award Dinner where Master Carlos Gracie Jr recognized an thanked professors Marco Joca and Marcelo Rezende for 25 years of commitment to Gracie Barra with a beautiful speech about friendship and brotherhood.

There are no words to describe meetings like this, you have to experience yourself!

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