An instructor by nature is a teacher – a leader. But true leadership is not something you can inherit with a belt color or title change. It is demonstrated by the way you teach, the way you lead your own life, and the changes you are able to effect in others. All Gracie Barra instructors must lead by example and with formal authority, but also always with an undercurrent of moral authority and genuine caring for the welfare of their staff and students.

Elements of Effective Leadership

Instructors with Gracie Barra are given the privileges of training the next generations of Jiu-Jitsu artists. To lead this generation forward and help fulfill the mission of Gracie Barra: Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone, instructors must develop and display effective leadership skills.

Ability to Communicate – We all probably know that one person who seems to have a lot of knowledge or passion, but just can’t communicate well with others. The ideas, the motivation, and the inspiration get lost because there is an inability to effectively and respectfully communicate. Good communication skills incorporate verbal, physical and written aspects, so be sure to practice all three of these.

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