GB Kids Competition Team Announcement

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To all our loyal and hard working Academy Owners, Professors, Instructors, Program Managers, Kids Coaches and Parents; Thank You! For all your hard work and sacrifice, due to your efforts Gracie Barra has the greatest Youth Jiu-Jitsu training organization in the world today, bringing jiu-jitsu to lives of thousands youths around the world, changing their lives for the better and guaranteeing the legacy of Gracie Barra.

You can help guarantee that our kids get the recognition they deserve in tournament competition by making sure everyone signs up as “Gracie Barra” for competition and NO other way.
For example NOT “Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu” or “Gracie Barra Corona”.

As a team we are repeatedly not recognized as the number one team in competitions solely because we are not judged as a team but as individual schools. Every other affiliation is calculated as one team.

Our young competitors deserve this recognition and they have earned it!

Again, thank you for your commitment to our youth and for your attention to this important matter!

If your students have not registered as GRACIE BARRA only, please send a brief email as soon as possible to and state that your competitors will be part of the Gracie Barra team. The deadline for this correction is approaching fast!

For the upcoming NABJJF tournament, if you can please check the COMPETITOR LIST .