Healthy People Do Healthy Things, Healthy Things Makes Healthy People

Health. It is a word that we often ignore. Media has bombarded us with ads, catchy song about health. Health is a weak subject. Often it is because presently healthy people fail to recognize the value of being healthy, or at least until old age gets ahead of them and their bodies deteriorate. Health is not all about being physically fit. Our bodies may need nurturing, but the same goes for our minds as well. Our activities vary, and our mental state often defines 70% of our well-being. Healthy people do healthy things AND never the other way around.


Healthy Thoughts

mind-544404_1280Healthy thoughts are comprised of harboring good thoughts. Good thoughts, simply put, are mental patterns that promote well-being. Researchers show that there are powerful thoughts that promote a healthy mind. The top thoughts for a healthy mind are ones of gratitude. Brainwave scans of test subjects under lab conditions, when asked about things that they most thankful for, show an activity of increased Oxytocin which is the love and trust hormone.

Tip: try to check on your own mood. Typically, moods throughout the day are dictated by how we start it off, typically in the morning. The term “waking up at the wrong side of the bed” applies.

Other positive feelings come in as love, wealth, money, and personal acceptance.

Healthy Activities

landscape-78058_1280Healthy activities come second in becoming healthy. Write down which activities you feel have been the ideal for your health. Running, Jiu-Jitsu, biking, et cetera. Let’s go biological for a second. Ever wonder why it feels good after you sweat it out in the gym? The answer is quite simple: serotonin is the enzyme that promotes a good mood. The lack of serotonin inhibits the balancing of our moods. More so, the lack of activities keeps our bodies from producing serotonin, which makes us feel sluggish.

Tip: Run for at least an average of 10 minutes a day. You can jog at the very least.

Healthy Food Intake

raspberries-215858_1280Let’s talk about food. Foods affect our moods. Keeping a balanced diet keeps us healthy. Yes. Our parents know best. Nutritionists know better! Review good food intake in for more details. I have tried the Gracie Diet. My take: it’s quite difficult to adapt. Healthy foods make a healthy body and a healthy mind.

TIP: calorie counting does not determine what is healthy. Consider how it was processed. Avoid processed meats. Energy drinks have lesser value than the cheaper alternative which is H20.

Healthy Relationships

Our relationships dictate a bulk of our health. Our associations with people connote how our moods can change, or how disposition (and predisposition) happens and manifests. Do you hang out with highly driven people to succeed. While in Gracie Barra, do you associate yourself more with your professors that push you to be your digital-art-398342_1280best? Or do you spend time with those who demean, and always try to alter your moods with their actions? Granted, our moods should not be affected by those external factors, but it is still best to protect ourselves from those people.

TIP: take a good look at your social media connections. Are those who you are connected to or “following” posting negative posts, complaints or what-not? Are they presenting value to you? Are they putting you in a good mood and keeping your mind healthy?

Are there people in your life that seems to suck the life out of you? If you cannot get rid of them, try to connect with more positive people. You can find those in Gracie Barra dojos. =)

Credits: Nilo Chinilla

Imagens: Pixaby