Guide to Join the GB Compnet-Camp May 2012

GB Compnet-Camps

Aiming to stimulate the technical development of instructors, students, and staff, the GB Compnet organizes “training camps”, or GB-Compnet Camps, where GB athletes from around the world gather to train and participate in competitions.

GB Compnet-Camp: May 2012

The GB Compnet-Camp: May 2012 is taking place from May 14-24th at our HQ in California and has the goal of preparing the GB athletes to participate in the 2012 World Championships. The technical manager of the GB Compnet-Camp: Worlds 2012 is Professor Ze Radiola, 3rd degree black belt and chief instructor of the GB Recife School. The three phases of the GB Compnet-Camp: May 2012:

  1. Camp registration
  2. Training
  3. Days of the event

You can register through the online form by clicking here. This phase will involve:

  • Filling the online form
  • Selection of curriculum
  • Hosting preparations

The training will take place from May 14th to 24th from 9am-12 pm. The requirements are:

  • You completed the online form and were guaranteed a spot in the camp
  • Punctuality
  • Use of the official Gracie Barra uniform

The address of the GB Compnet-Camp: May 2012 is: 14988 Sand Canyon Ave Irvine, CA 92618. For more information about the location please click here.

Days of the tournament

The 2012 World Championship will be held on May 31st, June 01, 02 and 03 in California. For more information about the tournament please visit the IBJJF website by clicking here. This phase will involve:

A team of instructors at the event instructing the athletes who will represent the main Gracie Barra Team. (Only 2 athletes per division can represent the main team)

GB Wear sponsorship

The representatives of the main Gracie Barra Team will earn a GB Pro Competition Gi (kimono) to wear in the days of the competition.

In addition, representatives of the main GB Team that qualify for the finals will earn a kit containing 1 GB Wear Kimono, 1 Rashguard, 1 hat, 2 shirts. The kit will be delivered on Monday April 2 at the pro shop of the Gracie Barra Head Quarters in Irvine,CA. Competitors eligible for the kit must collect it at the GB HQ on Monday after the event (April 2nd) to avoid paying for shipping expenses.

The purchase of GB Wear products

The GB Wear Team  would like to request the cooperation of the school owners interested in buying discounted products to place orders in advance by visiting If you buy online you will benefit from free delivery to the Gracie Barra Head Quarters or hotels (located in the city of Irvine) and plus greater assurance of having the product in stock to buy.

Remember that now the rebate system is related to the total purchase price. For more information on the new system of discounts please send us an email to:

Transportation, lodging, and useful addresses


It is not easy to use public transportation in Southern California and we recommend that visitors rent a car for transportation. You can rent the car at the airport. More information and prices on the website:


We recommend the La Quinta Inn & Suites Irvine Spectrum located at 14972 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA. Phone (949) 551-0909. Website

This hotel is located on a walking distance from the Gracie Barra Head Quarters where the training will happen. Identify yourself as being from Gracie Barra and reservations made before March 15 will cost $72. Usually four athletes share a room and can be well accommodated.


As a last option for those athletes in need of a free place to stay the Gracie Barra Head Quarters will open its doors and welcome them to spend the nigh on the mats. You can make a request to stay there by filling up the online form. If you are selected will receive an email confirmation before March 1st.

Please note: There are no showers in the facility.

Useful addresses

Here are some useful addresses from places used by our athletes in previous training camps:

For restaurants and snacks: Irvine Center. located at: 6580 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA. Distance from the GB HQ: approximately 1 mile.

For restaurants, pharmacy, market, and gym: Woodbury towncenter located at 6200 – 6460 Irvine Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92620. Distance from the GB HQ: approximately 5 miles.

Supplement store and restaurants: Shopping Irvine Spectrum located at 71 Fortune Drive, Irvine, CA 92618. Distance from the GB HQ: approximately 5 miles.


On the mats

All Attendees must know and respect the GB Dojo Etiquette.

Note: Only athletes wearing the GB official uniform will be aloud on the mats.

Gb Hq premises

As a courtesy to the Gracie Barra Head Quarter’s students and instructors we ask that athletes participating in the GB Compnet-Camp Pan Am 2012 to avoid attending classes and circulating in the school premises during peak hours between 3 pm and 8 pm. Last year we had problems of over capacity in the classrooms and locker rooms.

Luggage and valuables

Leave your luggage and valuables in the hotel room. We will not have space for storage and we are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.


There will be a tolerance for a 15 minute delay. After this period the athlete will not be aloud on the mats.


For general information related to GB Compnet-Camp May 2012 please send an email to:

Gracie Barra Competition Team Official Tshirt

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