The importance of goals in Jiu-Jitsu training

Training takes time and time is the most important resource we invest in in Jiu–Jitsu. It is a valuable investment. But if we fail to set appropriate goals, we will only end up wasting our time as we don’t have a clear path. Set a goal ! It can be whatever you like. Losing Weight? Achieving a Black Belt? Getting into shape? Maintaining a more active lifestyle?

Many practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu outline goals , but how effective are they? There is no trade secret when it comes to setting goals. All we need is to commit to our goals once we’ve set our mind on them.

Plan, set goals, battle and conquer.

We at Gracie Barra have a goal, and that goal is to make a difference in people’s lives by making our students better. The mission of “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone ” speaks loudly about the goal of Gracie Barra : Jiu- Jitsu is good for everyone!

665632_425647690818029_1175453764_oSpecific : Pay Attention : Your goals need to be specific!

Yes , the goals need to be specifi . Your goal is to lose weight? Fine. But how many pounds do you want to lose? How soon? Ask yourself these questions. Your goal is to change your routine? How much time do you want to invest? How many days of the week and hours are you willing to devote to training? Trace your goal, establish a specific one and get to work. Being specific will give you a clearer idea about how you should focus on your training.

Do not forget that some things take time. Be patient!

Achievable: It is important to set achievable goals.

Your goals should be achievable. You should be able to check your progress and determine how far along in the completion of the goal you’re at. You need to measure your progress with tangible factors. Continuing with our example, if getting in shape is the goal then regular measurement of their progress may increase the level of motivation you have in your training Jiu-Jitsu .

Attainable: Achievable goals increase motivation

You should know your limits. What can you achieve? And how can you achieve it? Most people set unrealistic goals and often fall into the trap of losing motivation, simply because they aimed for something that cannot be achieved. Goals should be achievable and based on our limitations and capabilities. You’ll never lose 10 pounds within a day or so with training. You cannot earn a black belt in a month. Everything takes discipline and dedication.

Allow yourself to assess what is necessary to achieve this goal and how much time it will take you. If you need guidance in defining your goal  talk to your instructor and ask for help.

734499_10152625521430710_1143681545_nPerseverance: This is the secret of success.

Prioritize your goals.

This means choosing the goals that matter the most. Knowing the importance of a goal for is as important as the goal itself. Getting in shape is an important goal. This is a goal that forms part of the effort to become healthier . Learn how to defend yourself is an important goal. Living a life of discipline and having a positive outlook on life is important too. All these objectives are relevant to the purpose of a Gracie Barra school.

Time is the most powerful resource that we all have .

1011926_10202050258117073_1190438148_nTime-Limit: Remember that the goals are time-related

In college, a philosopher asked his students a question: “What is the most important thing in this world?” Many students gave predictable answers such as “money” or “passion”, even “love.” However, these were all incorrect. The right answer is time as time is truly the only resource we have. When defining your goals, always remember that everything we do requires time. In establishing goals, consider the amount of time you must spend to achieve your goal. Returning to our examples: The achievement of a black belt will require time in training, provision and mastering of technical levels. Losing weight and becoming more confident takes time, willpower and discipline.

Always remember to establish new goals whenever you accomplish one. This will lead to a process of continuous growth and development.