5 Ways to Improve the GBK Experience & Grow Your Kids Program


The GBK program is an essential component of any successful school. The children who come to be a part of your Jiu-Jitsu training experience are the future of your school – and Jiu-Jitsu itself as the gentle art. Building a strong GBK program is a process, and in order to help you make the most of this process we have reached out to two school owners who have gone through the building process themselves. We were able to hold a joint interview with them and discuss the challenges that School Owners, Program Directors, and Instructors face when working with our youngest students.

As you consider how to best develop your programs for kids, it is valuable to know that others have faced the same kinds of challenges you are likely facing or will face in the future. The experiences and insights in this report offer valuable lessons for all school owners and Program Directors, and we thank our contributors for taking the time to share the lessons they have learned along their journeys.

As we sat down with our contributors to learn more about their experiences with building GBK programs, it became evident that they each have faced the kinds of challenges we are about to discuss – and they each found successful ways to approach these challenges. Building a strong GBK program will not be without bumps and even frustrations, but when you are able to apply the wisdom earned by our two contributors – and other leaders within Gracie Barra – you will see two things.

  • Building a strong GBK program is essential to building a strong GB school.
  • Reacting to the challenges along the way with positive energy will yield the best results.