GB Technique : Foot Sweeps and Trips

This week on Gracie Barra Blog we are looking at the foot sweep and leg trips family of takedowns.
ㅤThere are a lot of different takedowns that we can use but some are more effective for Bjj rules and strategies than others. For example, the single-arm shoulder throw is the top-scoring throw in judo, but the rules of judo are different than in Bjj. If your throw fails and you give your back to your opponent, often the judo referee halts the match and restarts on the feet. Not so in BJJ! If you expose your back because of a missed throw in Bjj, you risk losing the match!
   For this reason (and others) the foot sweeps and trips of Judo are well suited to Bjj. If you miss your trip or foot sweep, you are unlikely to end up in a bad position. Low risk / high reward!
   Timing, unbalancing, combinations and counters are all part of using sweeps and trips effectively in your standup game.
   Let’s take a look at some foot sweeps and trips as taught by some of the top Gracie Barra instructors.
1) Arm Drag to Ko Uchi Gari (minor inside leg trip)
As Prof. Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins explains in this instructional, this variation of the trip can be used in any jiu-jitsu rules.

2) Propping front foot sweep / Variation of Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
Prof. Carlos Liberi shows a beautiful combination of “Sasae” to “Kosoto gake” Minor outside hook trip. This is the art of judo!

3) Foot Sweep defense to sidekick / Self Defense Defesa De Chute Lateral
The foot sweep is a valuable tool in self-defense situations as well. Prof. Carlos Liberi takes advantage of the angle to trip the opponent to the ground.

4) Foot Sweep Counter Attack
Professor Philipe Della Monica teaching a foot sweep counter to your opponent’s foot sweep. Combinations and counters are the key to effective use of foot sweeps.

5) Inside trip takedown / Entrada de Queda com gancho por dentro
The inside trip (or Ouchi-gari in Japanese) taught by Prof. Jefferson Moura is one of the fundamental trips in judo and wrestling and can be used as effectively with gi or no-gi.

What is YOUR favorite foot sweep?
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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Asia