GB Learning : The X Guard

This week Gracie Barra Blog brings us some techniques in the X Guard position – both top and bottom.

In order to truly understand a position, one must study not only the position itself but how the opponent will attempt to pass and counter your attacks.

Let’s see some advanced techniques from the X Guard

1) The X Guard Details

Prof. Marco ‘Piu-Piu’ Joca teaches how to get into the X Guard position and some important details to control the position


2) X Guard Sweep Variation # 2 / Raspagem partindo da Guarda Híbrida (Hybrid Guard)

This is a method to transition from a spider guard into the X Guard and sweep the opponent.

3) X-Guard to Kneebar / Transição da Guarda-X para a Chave de Joelho

This is an advanced submission where you attack the knee bar when your opponent attempts to turn and pull their leg out.

4) X Guard Pass / Passagem de Guarda X

5)X Guard Pass #2 to Back Take/ Saída da guarda X pegando as costas

Not for beginners, this is a cool rolling escape from the X Guard control to take the opponent’s back.

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