GB Learning : Attacking From the De la Riva Guard

This week Gracie Barra Learning will feature some videos on the open guard style the De la Riva Guard

The De la Riva guard is a powerful guard to use against standing guard passers. Originally popularized by Brazilian black belt Ricardo De la Riva, the guard has evolved over the last 20 years and is an important part of modern competition jiu-jitsu.

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Let;s take a look at some of the techniques that you can try from this great open guard style.

De La Riva Guard – control your opponent
Let’s start by understanding how to use your grips and DLR hook to control your opponent’s movement.

De la Riva Sweep #1 – Raspagem partindo da De La Riva
This is perhaps the first and most important sweep to learn from DLR guard. Note the details of the sleeve grip.

De la Riva Sweep #2 – Advanced
Direct from Gracie Barra Rio De Janeiro this sweep by Kleber “Buiu” Oliveira unbalances your opponent over your head. Is easy to do when your opponent gives you strong forward pressure.

Back Take from De La Riva Guard
Prof. Flavio shows us one of the most important techniques from DLR guard : how to take your opponent’s back.

Inside De La Riva holding the Belt – Advanced
Prof. Flavio Almeida teaches how he uses the Inside or Reverse DLR guard to counter the opponent’s knee slice guard pass and takes the opponent’s back.

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Credits: Mark Mullen
Gracie Barra Black belt based in Saigon, Vietnam
Twitter: @MarkMullenBJJ