GB expansion in Vancouver

We had an opportunity to chat with Professor Rodrigo Carvalho our Regional Director in Vancouver. Enthusiastic as always Rodrigo shared his vision and some of the plans he has to implement Master Carlos’ vision in his region.

You are the GB Regional Director. Can you please tell us some of the plans for GB in your area?

Plans are always to expand, as when we started in Jan.’12 we were the first and only school in the GB Franchise systems, and now there are 4 schools plus 3 more coming up later on this year.  The goal is to finish the year 2012 with 10 GB in the Franchise systems within the British Columbia province.  The goal for the next 5 years is to make Canada’s westcoast similar to that of the US (California) by having a GB school in every major city.

Why did you decide to start the instructors course in your area?

As we grow, with the idea of expansion, we need to do so with high quality of instructors.  We want all of our instructors to have good knowledge of BJJ history, mission statement so that he/she can embrace the GB philosophy.  The instructors course is for blue belts and higher, as we want to focus on blue belts so they can become assistants maturing in knowledge during his/her tenure as a blue belt.  We would like every single GB School in western Canada, be it run by a blue, purple, brown and black belts to have the same quality of instruction in their respective schools.  My vision for western Canada is to grow organised, so that all of our students can have access to the same training and philosophy of GB systems.

How do you think the participants will benefit from the instructors course?

All students will have a better understanding of what GB instructors are all about, the way we treat our students, the way we think and they will feel more comfortable and secure to lead the classes.  The best tool, will be allowing blue belts for premature understanding so that can understand and develop the skills necessary to be a great GB instructor.