GB Compnet May Training Camp to begin in 10 days!

Professor Zé Radiola will be in the U.S. soon to run the GB Compnet May Camp to help prepare our athletes for the 2012 World Championships. The camp starts May 14th and will continue up to the 29th. Master Carlos Gracie Jr. will also be showing up from time to time to teach and inspire the competitors.

Check out this cool video in Portuguese with Professor Radiola discussing Gracie Barra

For all the readers who do not speak Portuguese he said,

“Gracie Barra is unique! Gracie Barra is not just an academy like many others. Gracie Barra is an institution that builds better citizens for society, and thats the eason why Gracie Barra keeps thriving in competition.”

To join the camp and train with our competition team click here! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to train under two of the all time greatest Jiu Jitsu instructors.