BJJ Kids and Their Parents

There is nothing cuter in this world than seeing them little things sweat it out in the mat. As parents, we would like to congratulate you for choosing to get your kid involved in BJJ. They are off to a great start early in life!


10631406733_da1852869c_bIf I would change one thing during my years of training martial arts, it would be wishing that I have my folks around whenever I do. It’s not needy. But nothing beats being the under caring yet watchful eye of a parent.

As parents there are some roles that you need to take on to ensure that your kids get the most of their training. Here are some great tips that we can give you while playing that role.

Help kids develop a habit and a routine

Routines are great for kids. Whenever we establish great routines, we teach them the importance of time. If your kids train BJJ, eventually the value of time will be instilled to them. Reinforce this behaviour by reminding them of BJJ class. And oh, don’t forget their school assignments. =)

10631300096_1f571da8cc_bWhenever kids talk about BJJ, listen and respond.

I have seen some parents fail at this… miserably. If your kids are would like to blab about BJJ, wouldn’t it be nice for you to listen. We understand that parents can be distracted and has a thousand things going on. But what I have learned is whenever a child talks about something, they are passionate aboutit. When kids get responses from parents, they learn and become good at what they passionate about.

Be there when they win, be there when they lose

Nobody goes into tourneys with the intent to lose. Your child knows this. Not every kid will bag that prized medal. Being there for them reinforces the support you are providing them. Here’s a secret: regardless of the results of a tournament, the kid deserves a big bowl of sundae. We have a saying in Gracie Barra, “there is no such thing as losing, only learning.

Join the fun

Yes. You are busy. Who isn’t? But we believe that the family that trains together, stays together. If your child is passionate and enjoys each and every minute of his training, don’t you think that you will enjoy the same experience too? Sign up for a trial session and give it a shot! =)