8 Ways the ICP5 Can Make Your School Bigger, Better, and Stronger

Prof. Flavio Almeida grew up under the direct influence of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. Learning from this amazing leader, Professor Flavio Almeida saw firsthand the GB method and training techniques that have made Gracie Barra such a successful entity. He also gained insight into the undercurrent of the organization – those things that we sometimes don’t realize are critical components to building strong schools. It is this unique insight that led Professor Flavio Almeida to want to develop the ICP5 in a way that would help bring alive the teachings of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. for all of those instructors around the world who don’t have the privilege of training with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. in person year after year.

In a significant way, the ICP5 is the next best thing for Gracie Barra. It draws a connection between the experiences of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and the daily activities in GB schools around the world. Through a series of self-assessments, Professor Flavio Almeida looks at the 8 ways that the ICP5 provides the tools needed for building bigger, better, and stronger GB schools.