Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

When we speak of good cardio, most only think of the typical, ever plain running. It’s good that people do that. Keep the heart healthy, and well more gas for the tank to last longer in a fight? There are two types of conditioning exercises to improve explosiveness and achieve endurance. Let’s call these Aerobic and Anaerobic.


Aerobic, from the word aero means air. Its an exercise that requires air to get into our system. Aerobic does the following: it enables the heart to pump oxygen rich blood al-throughout the body. To the muscles actually. The muscles actually burns out the the existing fat carbohydrates and fat in the muscles as oxygen playing a great role in this process. The more oxygen we bring to the muscles through sustained activity the more fit we become. As muscles burn the fat and the carbohydrates stored in our bodies.

Proven Benefits

1554353_10152637002378868_1113828985_nThe heart becomes stronger because it can hold more blood with each pump. It is less strained while doing rigorous activity because it is able to dish out huge amounts of blood throughout the body with less beats.

While resting, the heart beats slower. Check out heart beats of prized fighters and BJJ artists, their heart beats slower during rest.

The mitochondria (the power house of the cell) increases when doing Aerobic exercises. According to research, the mitochondria increases in number by as much as 50% during regular cardio.

Anaerobic is the secret to bursting speed and explosiveness in the mat. If you notice fighters who can quickly cover short distances, these movements are a result of years of training and anaerobic exercise. In essence, anaerobic is simply strength base. If you want to build strength, you need to do anaerobic exercises.

In anaerobic exercises, oxygen is not present. It is only glycogen that is consumed by the muscles. Typically, stored glycogen is consumed in just 2 hours of strength activity and training. Yes. Just 2 hours.

Now, bursts of energy is done thru bursts exercises such as sprints, weight lifting, jumping rope, and interval training. Interval training works by going for aerobic exercises coupled by anaerobic exercises.

images-30Proven Benefits

As you exercises anaerobically, your body accumulates lactic acid, which causes muscle fatigue. With training, your body learns how to handle high levels of lactic acid.

Stronger muscles are developed. Muscles become leaner. You will be able to do explosive moves easily.

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