3 Tips To Improve Your Takedowns

3 Tips To Improve Your Takedowns


If you want to have a complete jiu-jitsu you must become proficient at takedowns from the standing position.


Every Gracie Barra class includes some training in the most effective takedowns from wrestling, judo and self defense techniques in the standing position.


Many students report feeling ill prepared for the standup portion of the match following a tournament. It is far better to train your takedowns all throughout the year instead of trying to cram it all in 2 weeks before the tournament!


Here are 3 tips to help improve your takedowns.


1) Get a grip!

All of the standing techniques are dependent on securing a dominant grip on your opponent. And conversely, preventing your opponent from getting the grips that they want.


What is the optimal grip that you need for your favorite throw to work? Learn a few takedowns from that same grip to confuse your opponent to what is coming.


Learn grip breaks to prevent your opponent from controlling you. If you feel uncomfortable with the way your opponent is gripping your kimono, break his grip!


Advanced Inner Thigh Throw – Take Down By Prof Marcio Feitosa


2) Focus on 2 or 3 main takedowns

The truth is you don’t need to master all of the techniques in the judo syllabus to be effective at takedowns. Even most international level judo competitors tend to specialize in a handful of their favorite throws.


When it comes to takedowns it is far preferable to be sharp at 2 or 3 throws (ideally that compliment each other) than to have a shallow knowledge of 10.


Experiment to determine which takedowns seem to feel right for you and then drill them to the point of being razor sharp.


3) Uchkomi to perfect the movement

“Uchikomi” is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “winding in”. It refers to the judo training method where you take your grips and do the entry to the throw, stopping short of completing the actual throw.


Judo training is largely centered around performing up to 200 repetitions of uchikomi of your favorite throws. Sets of 10 (some like to complete the throw on the final repetition) will burn the movement into your muscle memory. You will develop the footwork and ability to enter lightning fast for your takedowns.


This training method is safe. Many students are concerned about training takedowns due to the perceived danger of injury.


Uchikomi will provide great training with minimal risk of injury.


Now go train those takedowns!


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