Offensive Game Friday: Triangle Choke Set Up From Closed Guard Using Belt Control

When that Lovely Belt Becomes the Enemy

We all love them belts. From white to black, our journey is etched on that piece of thread we put around our waists. Jiu-Jitsu as being technical among all other sports, belts can be legally used to control and disable your opponents.

Professor Marco Joca demonstrates a very technical way on how to disable your opponents and set up that sweet triangle from the guard; utilizing your opponent’s belt.

Things to remember about this technique: It’s all about grip and control. A bit of flexibility goes a long way.

P.S. These are one of the things that you will get to watch live at competition training camps.

Step 1: Pull guard

Step 2: Grab the belt by placing your hand over the shoulder.

Step 3: scoot your hips out to set up the triangle

Step 4: The rest is text book triangle choke


Here’s the video

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