Marcio Feitosa's Open Guard Sweep


An Intelligent Sweep from the Open Guard 

Recently, ranked as one of the top 5 brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors of all time, Marcio Feitosa continuously moves forward in his BJJ lifestyle as head instructor and the executive director of Gracie Barra Brazil.

Dedicating his life to Jiu-Jitsu at an early age, professor Marcio quickly rose up the ranks of the elite BJJ artists after receiving his black belt at an early age of 19. At 15, he was invited by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. to instruct in Gracie Barra Brazil.

Marcio Feitosa was born and raised in Barra da Tijuca a famous borough in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 16, 1976. That part of the city was also home for several fighters and instructors of the Gracie Family. The Gracie family members who lived in Barra da Tijuca were Carlos Gracie Jr., Renzo Gracie, Ralph Gracie and Ryan Gracie. Marcio was only 12 years old when he began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Carlos Gracie Jr just 2 years after the first Gracie Barra School was founded. Marcio trained extensively and when he reached 15, Master Carlos Gracie Junior invited him to be an assistant instructor at the gym. His hard training paid off and, with an incredible competition record already established, he received his black belt at the age of 19. Within just two years after receiving the black belt Marcio wrote his name in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sport history by winning the first Pan American BJJ games and the Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Feitosa is one of the strongest competitors of his generation winning against fighters like Urijah Faber (currently fighting as a bantamweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization), Leonardo Vieira, Vitor Ribeiro, Royler Gracie, Leonardo Santos, Caol Uno, Rumina Sato, Pablo Popovitch, Matt Serra, João Roque and Marcus Aurélio Martins.

In this video, Prof. Marcio showcases an intelligent sweep from the open guard with the use of his legs.

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