Learn the lapel choke that won the World Judo Championship

bjj lapel choke

How to Apply an Effective Lapel Choke 

Confused about what happened in the World Judo Championship? Your friends at Gracie Barra will teach you!

The judoka athlete, Israeli Yarden Gerbi, confirmed that she was indeed the favorite by defeating Clarisse Agbegnenou in the final. She won 1st place in the World Judo Championship that happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yarden won the final fight applying an effective lapel choke. The lapel choke was so tight that Agbegnenou, number 2 in the world, fainted and was rendered unconscious for a few moments.

Images of the lapel choke that took gold in the World Judo Championship were transmitted by different stations tv, generating a lot of curiosity and leaving a question in the air: How was the choke applied?

We went after a Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Champion Glaucia Braga, who lives and trains in Rio de Janeiro, to teach us how to apply the lapel choke that won gold at the World Judo.

Here you can watch first hand the video from our champ: