Advanced Inner Thigh Throw by Professor Marcio Feitosa


BJJ Take Down Step 5 - The Throw

The Inner Thigh Throw

This video is 3 years old, but techniques never grow old. Personally, I believe that good techniques do not go out of style, they evolve. Gracie Barra’s teaching and Jiu-Jitsu evolves with the time.

Professor Marcio Feitosa demonstrates one of the classic moves in both Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. This is the Inner Thigh Throw. The is all about making your opponent lose balance and eventually earn those nice 2 pts. Take note though, that the use of the hip throw varies. But in this case, we’ll focus on the advanced hip throw to be used in Jiu-Jitsu.

Here are some key points of technique. This is more of a throw that takes advantage of your opponent losing balance.

Here’s the break down below:

1. Avoid planting your forward leg to the mat. You want it to be on “take off” mode to be used as a pivot point

Step 2: Take position; sideways to set up the throw. Grip the elbow and the collar

3. Use the leg to sweep it on the inner thigh.

4. Use your legs to sweep your opponents leg. Remember, you are falling towards your opponents other leg. At times you may need to spin towards it.

Watch the full breakdown of the throw here in this video:


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