Eating Well is Jiu-Jitsu: Pre-World Championship breakfast with Fábio "Gigantinho".


Going to a lower weight category is not easy, as many athletes have already experienced. Keep training hard but eating less? It demands discipline – lots of discipline – and willpower. It is not something pleasant and many people (many!) will fail before reaching their goal.

21378_10151484014946644_419531257_nBut this was not the case for our instructor Fábio “Gigantinho” Vilela, from GB Cedar Park, Texas. In last year’s World Championship, he decided to go to a lower category, coming from the Ultra Heavyweight to the Super Heavyweight one. He lost 50 lbs (about 23kg).  An experienced guy when it comes to competitions, this black belt has a long resume: No-gi world champion, Pan-American world champion, two-times American champion, Masters World Championship, and European Championship vice-champion, US Open Champion and Rio de Janeiro State champion.

Today we will show you the breakfast chosen by our instructor to drop his category. You will see that it is possible to face this ‘marathon’ if you know how and when to eat the right things. Fábio has chosen a complete breakfast: Good carbohydrates + proteins + good fats and natural thermogenic foods.  Let’s check it out?

Pre-World Championship Breakfast

200g of oat (carbohydrates) cooked in water with cinnamon (a natural thermogenic).


6 cooked egg whites (protein)


1/2 Avocado (good fat).

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