Eating well is Jiu-Jitsu: Foods that fight stress

At certain stages of life we end up suffering from some stressful moments, don’t we? Sometimes at work, with our family, studying, in jiu-jitsu championships and so on. Regardless the reason, no one likes to live constantly angry…

As we know, within the gentle art philosophy we do care about the body, mind, and soul and always through the most natural and healthy way as possible… That involves trying to avoid the use of chemical medicines, etc. But, after all… how can we relieve the stress? With Jiu-Jitsu? Of course! But food can also help with it, and during these periods it is important to keep an eye on it.


Here are some tips on foods that help to beat stress, making your diet plan into your own medicine.

1 – Foods high in vitamin C are very beneficial to reduce stress, as this vitamin destroys free radicals that are released during these difficult moments. Oranges, lemons, and papayas are all highly rich in vitamin C. Consume one or two oranges a day or drink two glasses of lemon juice on a daily basis in order to get a sufficient amount of this vitamin.

opening-green-foods-ss2 – Sweet potatoes are also considered very effective in reducing stress. When consumed with a glass of soy milk, it is able to give you double benefits. When you’re under stress you tend to eat candies and foods high in carbohydrates. Such desire can be mitigated by eating sweet potatoes. They are also high in vitamins and beta-carotene, which is often beneficial for women who suffer from PMS.

3 – Green vegetables are also great option to calm your nerves when you are very stressed. Broccoli, spinach, kale, and cabbage are full of vitamins and fiber that help replenish your body when you are under a high level of stress.

4 – You should also consume low fat milk since it provides essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, and vitamins B and C. Milk is good for the nerves due to the calcium, which is also good for the bones.

5 – To calm down your nerves, you should also eat nuts, pistachios and dried apricots. These dried fruits and nuts are high in minerals, fiber, and vitamins like magnesium and vitamin C. Furthermore, such nuts are beneficial in controlling heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

Sweet Potatoes6 – Brown rice, whole grains, bananas, lentil soup, eggs, and chicken are also all good elements against the stress.

7 – Carrots help to lower blood pressure, as well as strengthens the heart and the stomach. Besides, it increases the body’s energy.

8 – Pumpkin is great for fighting irritability and depression. Peel it, slice and grill with a little olive oil. It benefits the stomach and moistens the intestines, improving the digestion process.

9 – Goat Milk. This kind of milk is great for improving your mood.

10 – Chocolate, this is one is mandatory! It has high levels of phenylethylamine, which have a stimulant and antidepressant action like the amphetamines and epineprina. This explains why good chocolate is so addictive and beneficial for our mood. But take care with the calories and choose options with over 70% cacao.

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This article has only an informative purpose and has no intention to replace a professional guidance. The use of vitamins and supplements can offer you great results, but before using any product, we strongly recommend you to visit a Nutritionist, Doctor or another specialist for an analysis and follow-up.

Source (in Portuguese):

“Corpo a Corpo” website

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