10 Reasons Why You Must Join the Cway Conference in Anaheim this Friday

Gracie Barra and Championsway Join Forces Once Again to Take BJJ Schools Management to the Next Level

This Friday, Championsway is hosting a special convention in Irvine, California and is offering Gracie Barra Schools a special training session to build expertise on the use of Perfect Mind. GB Association is recommending all of our schools and staff to be present since there is going to be so many useful tips and take aways from this conference. Click here to find out more about the Cway.

10 reasons why all Gracie Barra Schools Must Join the Cway this Friday:

  1. You will be trained to become and expert on Perfect Mind and make full use of it;
  2. You will learn how to nurture relationship with prospects for your school;
  3. You will get to see Perfect Mind 3.0 and how it has the potential to make your life easier;
  4. You will have access to cutting edge information about martial arts school management;
  5. You will learn the most effective techniques for promoting your school on the internet;
  6. You will receive a lifetime 20 dollars discount on the Championsway Perfect Mind Fee;
  7. You will meet and network with some of the most successful people in the martial arts industry;
  8. GB Professor Flavio Almeida will do an opening speech about the Legacy of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
  9. You will go back to your school with fresh ideas and motivated to continue to improve your management and operations;
  10. It is right close to disneyland so you can bring your wife your kids with you. Drop them off at Disney and get to work at Cway;

About the GB Championsway Partnership

Championsway has been Gracie Barra’s Technological partner for over 4 years now. The tow organizations joined forces to create the ideal software solution to help Gracie Barra instructors manage their schools and help GB Association manage Gracie Barra’s operations all over the world.

The schools management software is called PerfectMind and is now in operations in most of GB’s Premium Schools. PM has evolved significantly on the past few years and Championsway is now releasing version 3.0 that brings a more intuitive interface, simplified processes, and is fully online platform allowing our Jiu-Jitsu instructors and Gracie Barra school owners to manage their schools from any where using any computer.


GB Association Team