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The Camp Master: Draculino


Gracie Barra Draculino Camp

Gracie Barra’s Vinicius Draculino 


I’ve always lauded Professor Draculino. From the very first time we’ve met, I’ve followed his life in Jiu-Jitsu. As a staple guy in the pages of Gracie Barra’s website, and the to-go-to guy in competition camps and seminars, Professor Draculino has made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after, respected guys in Gracie Barra

Sometimes I pray that I can be on the mats with Master Carlinhos in more opportunities because it is like being a white belt again. I love that feeling. – Prof. Vinicius

"Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu Draculino"Professor Vinicius was born in 1971. He currently holds his 4th degree blackbelt, and trained under the watchful eye of Master Carlos Gracie. His current stint with Gracie Barra is as regional director for the Texas region. His list of achievements are as follows.

  • 4x Pan American Champion (once in the master division)
  • Pan American No-Gi Champion in master division
  • 2x Brazilian National Champion
  • 2x Silver Medalist of World BJJ Championships
  • No-Gi International Master and Senior Champion
  • Abu-Dhabi Contender

Need we say more?

The competition training camp being held right now proves that Jiu-Jitsu is here to stay. Here’s a quick, and a rather short interview. Words from the man himself. So tell us, what makes this training camp unique?
Prof. Draculino: It is directed to persons with 30years old and more so we train in an environment that is so ial for them: shorter rounds, the non mistake strategy, lots of focus on fundamentals and more.  Tell us how Gracie Barra changed you, or was it Gracie Barra that changed.
Prof Draculino: GB is always evolving and it is always one step ahead of the competition. Master Carlinhos is a visionary. I try to be a little part of the evolution. are you enjoying your role as regional director for Texas
Prof. Draculino: Awesome, we have a great group where 90% of the people is in total sync with the GB way and supporting each other. I’m blessed to be the leader of such a great group in Texas. Let’s talk about white belts, do you sometimes imagine how it would be like to be a white belt again?
Prof. Draculino: Sometimes I pray that I can be on the mats with Master Carlinhos in more opportunities because it is like being a white belt again. I love that feeling. So what can the participants expect from this seminar.
Prof. Draculino:They will be pushed hard but will leave the camp as better athletes and persons. I guarantee that.

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