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Marcio Feitosa gives some insight into the GB Houston Conferance

With the 1st ever Gracie Barra Houston Conference right around the corner, Professor Marcio Feitosa a 4th Degree GB Black Belt shares some insight into Master Carlos’ decision to hold the first Gracie Barra Conference in Texas. He also talks about his vision for the conference and how it can benefit everyone involved.

What do you think the staff members have to do to get the fullest out of these conferences?

It always motivated me very much the fact that Master Carlos painted the big picture cristal clear in front of me. He did not wait until I was a Black belt to illustrate the amazing things we can accomplish at GB by putting our group effort towards the same direction. That being said I am a big believer in motivation. A person motivated is a powerful individual, capable of building and transforming things.

In my personal opinion to get the fullest out of that conference, the individual needs to be there to understand the vision Master Carlos created for GB. The most exciting thing for me is to listen about what the vision is, think about it and try understanding it better so I can align it with my day to day life and long term goals.

Why have GB Regional Conferences?

Gracie Barra has reached to a point where the support offered to our Schools is pretty complete in the sense that our Association addresses all school’s needs. That being said, there are many business and technical aspects that need attention, continuous improvement, and discusion. The conferences are a great tool to gather the leaders of our Schools in the same room to focus and discuss important things.

Why have the 1st GB Conferences in Texas?

Its our fastest growing team (by state) and we in the GB Association feel like the conference will add even more momentum to that growth. We are heading there to push the team and do not let anyone feel confortable with what we have achieved so far. The mission is clear “It is 1 GB School in each city”.

You can register to the GB Conference by clicking here.

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