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Help Gracie Barra Wear name the new Gi!

Hey guys! Gracie Barra Wear is hard at work trying to complete a new Gi. Some of the features include pre-shrunk fabric,  rip stop pants and collar, “G” water mark on patches, flex fabric in specific areas to increase performance, and optimized fitting to suit most body types. Take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think an cool name for this new Kimono!

21 responses to “Help Gracie Barra Wear name the new Gi!”

  1. Louis says:

    lady gi-gi

  2. Abraham Caleb says:

    The Gracie Barra “Good Looking” Gi :)

  3. Tom Downs says:

    Name it “Indo Gi” for the Aztec like borders

  4. Rafael Ventura says:

    The Rendetor! The Redeemer!

  5. How about The GB “Fortitude”?

  6. Rodrigo Bordon says:

    The name for this Gi should be GB Re-born GB Revolution

  7. Efrain Aristigui says:

    How about The “Helio” or the “Count Coma”.

  8. Glen Fujiwara says:

    You have the basic and the premium. How about “ultimate” gi

  9. JRay says:

    The Super G

  10. Rob Nell says:

    The ” Old World Super Gi ” .

  11. 2leftfeet says:

    Call it “The Lutador”

  12. Rob Nell says:

    JRAY you named it super gi. i apologise for the copy, with respect to that i will rename it ” Old World Conquistador ” No when can i try a free sample . LoL

  13. Nico de Haan says:

    Gracie Barra Pro Elite Gi

  14. Johan says:

    The Barra

  15. Johan again says:

    I see you renamed all the gis “Barra” now but none of them seem to be this gi. When will we see it in the shop?

  16. Ralph Ganchero says:

    The Gracie Barra Element Gi.
    The Gracie Barra Raw Gi
    The Gracie Barra Organic Gi
    The Gracie Barra Origin Gi
    The Gracie Barra BioNatural Gi
    The Gracie Barra Warrior Gi
    The Gracie Barra Latitude Gi

  17. Dennis says:

    Gracie Barra FlexFit
    GB Performance Gi
    GBA – Gracie Barra Advance or Advanced
    GBX- Gracie Barra eXtreme
    Gracie Barra TacLite Gi
    GBC – Gracie Barra Custom
    Gracie Barra Innovation Gi – GBI1 or GBI v1(version 1)
    Gracie Barra Evolution Gi – GB.EV1
    Gracie Barra Optimus
    Gracie Barra Kimono Plus – GBK+
    Gracie Barra Next Generation – GB NexGen
    Gracie Barra Genesis – GB.G1

  18. gb.reporter72 says:


  19. mg says:

    After rolling with it and other in class with it. It should have been call Gi Burn special….. Its like sand paper and leave gi burns on everyone. I love mine though….. Nice fit and looks cool. I can deal with the burns lol

  20. Jimmie says:

    The Gracie Barra ‘Fluid’ series, due to the water mark Gs

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