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Gracie Barra wear

Escape the Mount with Gracie Barra Wear’s Marco “Piu Piu” Joca

Need a new way to escape mount? Check out this unique escape from Gracie Barra Wear’s Marco “Piu Piu” Joca. Professor “Piu Piu” has been teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 17 years. Precision, focus, and determination are some elements of his personality that are easily noted on his classes and have immensely contributed to the success of our schools. As a competitor he has achieved the titles of Worlds, Pan-American, Brazilian Nationals, and State Champion. Even with his busy schedule running GB Wear he still finds time to teach and train at the Gracie Barra Headquarters in Irvine, California. We hope you enjoy the video!

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