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Leg Drag Guard Pass Step-by-Step Breakdown

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BJJ Leg Drag

Prof. Philipe Della Monica Demonstrates a Leg Drag Guard Pass 

In a recent trip to Chicago, Professor Philipe Della Monica was able to take part in a seminar, which helped Gracie Barra Athletes in Chicago prepare for the IBJJF Chicago Open on March 9th & 10th. In this video Prof. Philipe discusses and demonstrates the technique for a leg drag guard pass and then breaks it down step-by-step.

Prof. Philpe starts out his demonstration by explaining that the goal is to do the leg grab, but if you first try and approach your opponent right away by grabbing the leg they will most likely realize that you are going for the leg grab. The opponent will start defending this by hiding their foot and moving to try to disrupt your initial attack.

So Prof. Philipe recommends trying to go for the opposite leg by pushing the knee down and forcing the knee forward.  This is done so your opponent is unable to do the Leg Drag Grab Prof. Philipe Della Monicaoutside hook guard. In doing this you are baiting your opponent by pretending to go in one direction while you’re setting up your grip on the other leg.

When you do the leg drag Philipe explains you can bring your hips forward, then back, and then drag the leg.  If your opponent is fighting your arms with his leg, making it difficult to drag his leg, instead of fighting it with your arms he suggests another tactic.  He explains to step forward and bring your opponents foot up to your chest and from this point you can drag the leg with the grip that you had established from the beginning.

Once you have done this you can control the biceps and then start neutralizing the hips.  Once you have neutralized the hips you can now grab the other knee and as you drop your knee down you can pull your opponents leg to you.  The goal now is to control the center of your opponents body which will decrease their mobility then you can adjust your side control.

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