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6 BJJ Techniques From the Top Position

6 Gracie Barra Black Belts Teaching 6 Techniques From the Top Position

In this video you will learn 6 different techniques from Professors Flavio Almeida, Alexandre Dande, Ricardo Moraes, Fabio Vilela, Marcelo Souza and Marcio Feitosa. Here are the techniques included:

1) Flavio Almeida: transition from side mount to the mount position.      bjj top position

2) Alexandre Dande: side mount lapel choke.

3) Ricardo Moraes: omoplata from the mount control.

4) Fabio Vilela: transition from knee on belly to lapel choke

5) Marcelo Souza: arm bar from the mount.

6) Marcio Feitosa: open guard pass.

This video class was filmed live at a special seminar for Gracie Barra students in Austin, Texas. Please visit to find Gracie Barra schools in Austin, Texas and learn these techniques and many others.

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