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Easy Submissions for Newbies

As a new student, the importance of learning the basics is tantamount to becoming one of the best there is. So far, basic techniques are the fundamentals and the foundation of the sport. In the art of BJJ, you’ve got to have tricks up your sleeve. Will the 6 most basic submissions be enough, you think? For starters, it should be.

Before you dabble into realm of collar chokes and leg locks (which at some point have been banned at amateur ranks), let’s try these techniques first.

#1: The Armbar

photo-1Yes. A very basic submission which is the most common of all locks, simply because of its flexibility and ease of execution. And yes, you can do armbars from side, bottom, and on top. This submission is dependent on the tension created in the shoulders.

Ease of Execution: Very easy.

#2: The Rear Naked Choke

A funny tidbit about the rear naked choke: it got its nickname from the old wrestling days when half-naked men used to wrestle and choke each other. So it’s the rear naked. Get it?

Anyway, any amateur and semi-serious fighter should know this submission. For the record, 40% of submissions in the UFC are credited to the RNC.

Ease of Execution: Very easy. No fancy position needed. Just get the back, hooks in, catch the neck, crank and you’re good to go.

#3: The Kimura

Victor-Estima-Gracie-Barra-Irun-10Named after the famous Japanese who tried to submit Master Helio Gracie, the Kimura is a legend in the sport. Known to dislocate shoulders, the Kimura is a shoulder lock done by twisting the shoulder to unnatural directions.

The best Kimura is done from the side mount, locking the arm, stepping over the face for a more secure hold.

#4: Arm Triangle

Oh yeah. The ever-reliable arm triangle. This submission utilizes the pressure created between the shoulder and the neck. typically done on the mount and at the side mount. The trick to this submission is misdirection. Distract your opponent from the top with hand play, control the back of the neck, and slide to the side.

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