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BJJ Lifestyle: Love Them Drills


Repetition is the mother of all education. When you repeat, you know. This goes hand in hand with your passion for BJJ. And we all love BJJ, right? So as far everyone who wants to take their game to the next level, here is the list of drills that you can do in the gym or off the gym. And oh, if you are doing BJJ outside the gym, stay safe.

We know. Drills can be boring. It’s repetitive. And at times, mind numbing. But there is just no other way to get ahead of the game. You gotta do the drill. Drilling: Just DO IT!

We have heard it all before. Drilling is your path to BJJ success. It’s as simple. Drilling provides the repetition the body and the brain needs to retain your techniques. We call this muscle memory. The more you do something. The more you understand it!

The Mount Escape Drill

Doing the drill with a partner to sharpen your skills from the mount escape. Simply shrimp to the side, control, and go for the guard.

Arm Bar Drill

This video by one of my favorite professors, JP Garcia back in Encino. In this video, he explains the basics of the drill. Remember: you have to drill properly.

Triangle Drills

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