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Attack from the Turtle Guard



Turning a Bad Situation Around


The turtle guard is a good way to defend yourself and roll away from any bad situation. Agree? Yes.  However, depending on the competition and how good you are at it, your turtle guard can leave you with a dude trying to crank your neck from behind, or at least getting your back and flattening you out. Some say that once you give your back, you almost certainly be deserving to lose. This is not true. Giving up your back for a better position, or to defend yourself is wise. As the adage goes, defense is sometimes the best offense.

In this video, a rather unusual and creative way to attack someone while they are attack you. Yes. It’s the ultimate counter attack from the turtle guard. Enjoy!


Remember these things about the turtle guard offense.


1. Controlling the limbs perfectly.

2. Posturing properly preparing for the roll.

3. Position before the submission or the attack.


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