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GB Team Members Join Forces On a Rebuilding Effort in Alabama

Prof. Flavio Almeida

Prof. Flavio Meets with Martial Arts Leaders for Community Work & Discusses Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

Professor Flavio Almeida joined forces with several leaders from the martial arts community in the United States on a rebuilding effort in Greensboro, Alabama.alabama9

The purpose of his trip was to help build a new house for Ms. Georgia and meet to talk with martial artists from many different backgrounds about Carlos Gracie Jr’s vision of building Jiu-Jitsu schools all over the world.

We had a chance to speak with Prof. Almeida today and he sounded pretty excited about the work being done over there.

“I did not know what to expect coming here. There are about 40 martial arts experts working all day long to help this lady! They have been doing this for almost a decade, donating a total of 10,350 man hours to help rebuild this town.” -Prof. Flavio Almeida

GB Community ProjectFlavio was invited by life long martial arts instructor Tom Callos as a special guest to the event. The invitation came after the 2 of them met on a martial arts convention last year.

“I heard Tom speaking about self defense on a way I had never seen before. He talks about bringing martial arts out of the dojo into the world and engaging our schools into community projects as a way to develop character while helping others. The Greensboro house build is the real application of that concept and I really wanted to be part of it.”

Flavio went on to explain all martial arts school owners in attendance of the event went there to give back, but also to learn from one another. According to him there is a sense of brotherhood and goodness in everyone that is contagious.

Gracie Barra is not represented only by Professor Almeida. Today, Coach Kaliffa, head of Gracie Barra Birmingham, AL joined forces with him to help with the build up. Kaliffa is a floor expert and worked hard on putting it down at the site.

This Saturday, Gracie Barra Birmingham is hosting a seminar with Flavio, Prof Fabio Costa from GB Georgia and Coach Kaliffa. We will soon post some great pics on Facebook.

Stay Tuned.

One response to “GB Team Members Join Forces On a Rebuilding Effort in Alabama”

  1. Renato Bessa says:

    Muito boa essa iniciativa. Fico realmente feliz em ver o meu povo principalmente, fazendo isso.
    Quero muito saber como eu posso ajudar também? Talvez não com maõ de obra, mas com doações.

    Aguardo a resposta de vocês. Um grande abraço.
    Fiquem com Deus.

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