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The Gracie Barra Library opening at the end of this month

Gracie Barra's extensive biography will be an excellent tool for owners around the world

The time has come. At the end of this month the Gracie Barra Library will be open our instructors around the world.

The GB Library was designed as a source of info for all of our network of schools. The idea is to have it be the “go to” location for instructors to help implement our curriculum, provide updated video footage, training techniques and have the ability to stay connected to the GB source of Jiu Jitsu.

At it’s core, we hope that it will provide a one stop solution for our school owners/instructors to provide the latest information pertaining to operating a GB school to standard. This in conjunction with our other training tools will allow us to rapidly deploy better standards and practices, which in the end will benefit our students experience while at their local school. Ultimately, it will there will be access levels associated with it similar to our current school level structure: training center, official, and premium.

Contact for more information for more information.

6 responses to “The Gracie Barra Library opening at the end of this month”

  1. Jeff Ingold says:

    Do we have access to the gb library. And if so where is it and how do we log in

  2. jeff ingold says:

    hi, is the library down, or am i looking in the wrong place. can you send me the library site again. sorry

  3. sergio says:

    Hola, como posso ter asseso a biblioteca GBLibrary? Muito obrigado

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