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Gracie Barra’s Black Belt Program 2.0 is in the making!

You’ve been training at Gracie Barra for a while, and you have practiced the fundamentals techniques over and over. Well, it’s always good to perfect the basics, but you want also to taste the advanced techniques our instructors and athletes are using all over the world, right?

That’s the reason Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and his team conceived the Black Belt program back in 2005. Now, after six years using and measuring the results of the system in hundreds of schools around the world, the whole team gathered again to come up with a new, improved program.

This time, however, Master Carlos decided to make the system available only to Gracie Barra certified instructors. The reason is that is not safe to have instructors that are not trained in the material using it to teach at their schools.

“Knowing Advanced and Black Belt techniques is only part of the knowledge needed to teach that material to others. On top of knowing the techniques Instructors need to know precisely when the student is ready to learn and how to pass on the knowledge. Untrained people teaching Advanced and Black Belt programs can lead students to injury and frustration,” explains Professor Marcio Feitosa, a Gracie Barra Black Belt 4th Degree who is actively participating in the making of this new program.

– With the Advanced and Black Belt 2.0 the structure of the GB programs for adults will be:


BJJ Curriculum ( 50% Self Defense , 50% sport ).


BJJ Curriculum ( 25% Self Defense , 75% sport ) + Open Mat + Drills Session.

Black Belt:

BJJ Curriculum ( 100% Sport ) + No-Gi + MMA + Competition.

Stay tuned for more information of the implementation of the new program!

2 responses to “Gracie Barra’s Black Belt Program 2.0 is in the making!”

  1. Kyle Edwards says:

    Will there be a black belt curriculum dvd as there are for funamentals and advanced?

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