Seminars are a Great Way to Innovate & Productively Learn New Techniques

The GB Seminars began as small gatherings organized by GB Professors to meet and exchange knowledge. Within a few years this gatherings grew to become a major tool in spreading and exchanging knowledge amongst GB Schools in different parts of the world. Not only did the events grew in size but the number of fantastic GB Professors multiplied over the years as well.

Today GB Seminars gather a fantastic collection of various Professors skilled in different specialties like competition strategy and techniques, take downs, no-gi Jiu Jitsu, BJJ for MMA (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts), kids instruction, teaching women, self defense and others. These amazing Professors are all under one flag and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with their GB team mates.

The GB Seminars intend to promote through practice and socialization the exchange of knowledge within the GB worldwide community, helping GB members to achieve a common ground on how to implement Master Carlos Gracie Jr’s vision and to continuously improve the way we train and teach Jiu Jitsu according to Carlos’ principles and training philosophy.

10 benefits of GB Seminars

The benefits of doing a Gracie Barra seminar with instructors and athletes are numerous. The list below shows some of the many positives from these seminars.

  1. Exchange of valuable knowledge
  2. Expansion of its network of relationships
  3. Great stimulus for their students
  4. Certified instructors by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
  5. GB has a range of National Champion athletes, Pam American and Worldwide who are prepared to share incredible experience in major arenas of Jiu-Jitsu around the world
  6. Marketing for your school: disclosure on the website, Facebook and Instagram
  7. Collecting Material for Marketing: Photo and Videos
  8. Extra income for the school and for the seminar guests
  9. Help from our support department to contact the GB seminar individual of your choice
  10. Strengthening the Gracie Barra Family

At GB Seminars, students and instructors have the opportunity of discussing, practicing and comparing the different solutions each one finds to similar challenges. To host a GB Seminar at your School please email