The Resilient Vs The Broken

Empower Your Child to Succeed!

I know of many men who have been through enormous sacrifices, struggles and pain. Most came out of it in one of the two forms: RESILIENT or BROKEN.

The RESILIENT learned to endure pain. He can take a hard blow and keep pushing forward. His endurance becomes an outstanding strength of character allowing him to keep running while most are walking or quitting.

The BROKEN is scared of pain. He has been there and never wants to be there again. He becomes a master at avoiding pain and, when it hits him, he is great at looking for an escape of immediate relief. There is enormous strength on him, but he uses it to walk away instead of pushing through.

Martial arts and sports in general will artificially create adversities, challenges, struggles and pain. Suffering alone does not create great human beings though. The insight, pain tolerance, and lessons learned through suffering does.

As Instructors and Parents we must stand strong by our athletes and show them the way. Our Students and our Kids need to be coached, mentored, enlightened to come out of each little back-step bigger, better, and stronger not only because they learned a new technique or skill but because they are mastering themselves.

Fighters are forged by adversities, sacrifices, and pain. We embrace tough times, challenges, and struggles as they provide our chosen path for personal growth: the most noble purpose of Martial Arts.