Gracie Barra Wins The 2021 IBJJF Kids Pan Americans Tournament For The Third Year In A Row.

If you are competitive there is no team better than Gracie Barra. For the last 3 years GB has dominated the IBJJF (biggest Jiu-Jitsu organizer in the world) Pan Americans tournament known to be the biggest and most competitive kids Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the world.

Our proven methods and systems have allowed Gracie Barra students to develop faster and better than any other organization in the world has been able to provide. This gap allows Gracie Barra to consistently develop the best athletes/students and win the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

As much as we are proud of being the most accomplished/successful team in the world, we haven’t lost sight of our main mission which is to bring Jiu-Jitsu to as many people as we can because we believe that people will live a better life through the positive impact of our art.

If you would like to understand more about what we do reach out to us at or call us at (805)587-9386