COMING SOON: New Location at Lohman’s Crossing!

We are excited to announce that effective March 1st, we will be moving into our new location at Lohman’s Crossing!

Our new location will have ample room, over 2.5x the size of our current facility and will feature twice as much mat space!

Amenities include:

  • Separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, changing areas and showers.
  • Waiting area and spectating area
  • New and improved Pro Shop
  • Sales Office
  • Break Room so that Professor Ricardo can stop spending all of his lunch money at Torchys!

We will be right next to Randall’s grocery store, Tomlinson’s Pet store and other shops that provide convenience.

Here are the details:

Square Footage: Approximately 4200 Sq. Ft (1900 sq ft of mat space)

Address: 2303 RR 620S #170

Open Date: March 1st.

Please note there will be no suspension in service. We will quite literally be moving right after our last class at our current location at Oak Grove Plaza.

See you soon!