Why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is NOT Karate

Every now and again I field calls from parents who want to enroll their kids in Martial Arts . “I am trying to find some type of karate lessons for my ____ year old”. Does this sound like you?

I can only imagine a parent’s job is hard enough trying to find the best programs for their kids. It would be much harder having to research the million different types of martial arts that are available. Further, having to figure out the pros and cons of each.

Not all Martial Arts are Created Equally: Why Jiu-jitsu is NOT Karate

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that originated in Japan, much like Karate, however BJJ (as it is often abbreviated) stems from Judo, a grappling-based art. The main difference between Jiu-jitsu and Karate is that Jiu-jitsu practitioners do not engage in striking. Rather, the goal of a Jiu-jitsu practitioner is to get an altercation to the ground, where strength and power are mitigated.

Most parents are excited to hear that their child won’t learn to strike other children who are bullying them.

If you are the type of parent who wants their kid(s) responding to bullying less aggressively, Jiu-jitsu might be right for you.

De-escalation and Control over Aggression

In my mind, the most important benefit Jiu-jitsu, for kids and adults is that we do not teach aggression or violence as a response to aggression. What makes Jiu-jitsu most effective is your ability to deescalate aggression by maintaining composure and use non-verbal cues to avoid a bad situation.

If a confrontation escalates, however, Jiu-jitsu teaches kids and adults to redirect aggression. A jiu-jitsu practitioner is trained to calmly and strategically counter aggression by using take-downs and control positions. This is especially good in the school system where children can get in trouble for striking another child.

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