Gracie Barra Lakeway Self Defense Summer Camp Schedules

Gracie Barra Lakeway Self-Defense Summer Camp Schedule for 2023!


Welcome to our official kids Jiujitsu summer camps page for Gracie Barra Lakeway!

Are you looking for a fun and productive way to keep your kids active and engaged this summer? Look no further than our Gracie Barra Lakeway jiujitsu self-defense summer camps! Our camps are designed to teach kids the values of martial arts while keeping them in a structured routine over the summer break.

As a parent, you probably know the challenge and importance of keeping kids in a structured routine so that the upcoming school year becomes much more manageable.

If so, please keep reading and see how our Self-Defense Summer Camps can help you!

What your Children will Learn in our Self-Defense Summer Camps


At our summer camps, your child will learn the fundamentals of jiujitsu in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced instructors will teach your child self-defense techniques, grappling, and ground fighting skills. These skills not only improve physical fitness but also instill discipline, self-confidence, and respect for others.

Martial arts teach children the importance of hard work and determination. They will learn that success comes from setting goals and persevering through challenges. This mindset will help them in all areas of their life, not just in the dojo.

Our self defense summer camps also provide a structured routine that keeps children active and engaged throughout the day. Our self defense summer camps are designed to provide a balance of physical activity, learning, and fun. In our self-defense summer camps, we provide excellent self-defense instruction combined with other great activities, including team-building exercises and games. Your child will be engaged and challenged in a fun and safe environment.

By enrolling your child in our jiujitsu summer camps, you are investing in their future. You are providing them with the skills and values that will help them succeed in all areas of their life. Plus, you are giving them a fun and memorable summer experience that they will never forget!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your child the gift of martial arts and a structured routine this summer. Sign up for our summer camps today!

Here is a full list of available self-defense summer camps!

Gracie Barra Lakeway Self Defense Summer Camp General Information

Some general information. 

All camps, unless otherwise specified, are Monday through Friday with a drop off time of 1P and a pick up time of 3:45-4P. 

The camps are open to the public except for the competition camp on July 10th which will be for students only. 

Drop off time is 1P. Camp will start at 1:10P

The groups will have a small lunch break at around 2:30P (about 20-30 minutes). 

Pick Up time is between 3:45 and 4P. 

Currently enrolled students are allowed to attend classes in the afternoons right after the camp ends. 

Gracie Barra Lakeway Self-Defense Summer Camp Schedule

May 30th – June 2nd: Bullyproof Self-Defense Camp

Objective: This camp will be focusing on the basics of self-defense.  We will be working on breaking grips, holds and learning how to disengage from an attacker tactically. Our goal is to teach kids about safe ways to protect themselves from an attacker. 

We’ll explore how to get out of grips, holds and how to learn how to fall properly. We will also learn how to get back up safely and engage with non-striking ways to defend. As part of the curriculum, we will be covering some light takedowns as well as some of the fundamentals of applying self-defense in a situation that requires it, without trying to punch or kick a “bully”.

Days: Tuesday through Friday (Due to Memorial Day Holiday)

Time: 1-4P

Capacity 20


June 5th – June 9th: Bullyproof Self-Defense Part 2! 

For this series, we will be focusing on some of the concepts we learned in week 1 and move into other self-defense situations, particularly from the ground position. This week, we will also cover striking defense. Please note, these camps can be taken individually or separately. They are structured so you do not need to come to Part 1 to understand part 2!

Days: Monday through Friday 

Time: 1-4P

Capacity 20

July 14th: Competition Camp: Takedown, Control, Submit

This camp will be for students only (Ages 7-12). 

We’ll be working and drilling some common takedowns and work right into submissions. 

Each class will be a combination of techniques and focused primarily on points scoring and submitting for jiu-jitsu competition. The Gi will be required to participate. 

Days: Monday through Friday

*Time: 1:30-3:30P

Capacity 20


July 31st – August 4th: Back to School Bully Awareness 

This camp will be similar to camps 1 and 2, except we will be adding more takedown offense. 

The role of takedowns is important in jiu-jitsu because it’s how we get attackers to the ground, where they no longer present a danger to us. Each class will be focused on escaping grips and holds as well as how to turn these grips and holds into counter-takedowns. 

Days: Monday through Friday 

Time: 1-4P

Capacity 20

Ok, that’s all for today! 

Please note, historically, these self-defense summer camps fill up so if you are interested, please reach out ASAP with a quick reply and I will promptly send you registration and payment info. 


Gracie Barra Lakeway Summer Self-Defense Program and Daytime Classes

This Summer, we will also be offering daytime classes as well as a “Summer Only” program for kids who will be attending seasonally. The Summer Only Self-defense program allows unlimited classes (late morning and/or late afternoon).

The Gracie Barra Lakeway Summer Only Self-Defense program will be a paid in full (for the Summer) which includes a uniform and one free camp.

Daytime classes will be available for ongoing enrolled students as well.

[Please note for all current members, there wille be no changes to the afternoon schedule this Summer. ]

For more on how our jiu-jitsu programs can help kids, please watch this video!

Self-Defense Summer Camps
Self Defense Summer Camp