Gracie Barra Lakeway Kids: The Tiny Champs Program

“At what age do you start enrolling kids at Gracie Barra Lakeway?”

Parents of prospective students frequently ask this question and are typically blown away when I reply “Three years old!” 

The fact is, we actually do start kids off at three and a half years of age. Our “Tiny Champs” program is designed for kids ages 3 and 4 as a type of introductory program to our everyday programing. Although your average three year old has little to no concept of “self-defense” or “bullying”, the Tiny Champs program still serves a great purpose.

Why Enroll in Tiny Champs at Gracie Barra Lakeway?

There are many reasons to get your 3 & 4 year old involved in Jiu-jitsu. For one, the Tiny Champs program provides kids an excellent introduction to group activities. The Tiny Champs program serves to teach young ones how to sit/stand in a line, focus on instruction as well as provide the foundations of self-defense movements and practices. These foundations can be as simple as “Get into a top position from the bottom position” or “Remove your partners grips”. Both of these directives have advantages as the kids encounter a variety of situations in practice that have very real applications to the playground. 

What to Expect?

If you have a child between 3 and 4 years of age and would like to bring them by, please do! Our class structure is as follows:

  • Warm-up: 10 minutes
  • Class instruction: 10 minutes
  • “Specific training” (simulated sparring with coaches): 5 minutes.
  • Remaining time: Game time!

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