Gracie Barra Lakeway NoGi Jiu-jitsu Program

Our Gracie Barra Lakeway NoGi Jiu-jitsu program is a special program for practitioners who want to practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu without the uniform. NoGi jiu-jitsu, or “Submission Grappling” as it’s sometimes called, is quite similar to traditional Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the Gi. The biggest, most obvious difference is that without a Gi, the grips change substantially. Since there are no grips, you must use your hands to grab your partners limbs. For example, instead of a traditional sleeve grip, in NoGi, one would grab the wrist.

“No Gi” or “Sem Kimono” simply means “without the kimono”. Typical attire includes rash guard (similar to what surfers wear) and grappling shorts. Grappling shorts are a bit different from other types of board shorts insofar as there are no pockets and no hard plastic or metal rivets. This helps to prevent fingers from getting caught or other abrasions caused by the metal. Further, grappling shorts are fairly stretchy so that they do not get torn easily during the movements.

In NoGi, it is harder to control your opponent because the sweat makes the grappling more slippery and there is no 4lb uniform for friction. Movement, therefore, becomes much more dynamic and faster-paced. NoGi, in my opinion, is therefore better for cardiovascular conditioning since the practitioners are constantly moving unless they can establish control with superb technique.

Lastly, the NoGi game varies in terms of prevalent techniques and positions. Because of the lack of collars, collar chokes are out the window. Strangulations in NoGi rely mainly on various headlocks positions that are inefficient in the Gi because of the bulk of the uniform. Various techniques such as the front headlock, Guillotine, D’arce and Anaconda chokes are utilized much more without the uniform. Further, because of the predominant rulesets governing Jiu-jitsu competition, leg locks are only allowed in NoGi competitions and under certain rulesets.

Our Gracie Barra Lakeway NoGi Jiu-jitsu Curriculum

What to Expect:


We will warm up with some light mobility drills. In the event that a student is borderline immobile, we provide scaling variations to perform until the desired mobility is achieved.

Technical Instruction

For NoGi, our technical instruction will focus on these four main tenets:

  1. Wrestling
  2. Headlocks
  3. Back-Taking/Back Attacking
  4. Leglocks


For our NoGi Program, my goal is to get our students in better cardiovascular shape by performing repetitions or doing “specific training” at a level that allows our students the opportunity to “flow” into and out of positions.

For more information about our NoGi Jiu-jitsu Program, please fill out this form here. If you have any other questions, send them to!

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