Virtual GB School – World Class Training at Home

We hope everyone is staying safe within the comfort of your home and enjoying our amazing active member-exclusive GB Online experience!

So far, GB Online was able to provide us with thousands of hours of quality instructional training, including GB1, GB2, Take Downs, BarraFIT, and GBK classes, in addition, we have legendary GB Black Belts from around the world teaching live classes.

If you have not done it yet, please go ahead and create your account and we will approve the active member for exclusive full access.

At Gracie Barra Deerfield School we have Virtual setup with live-streaming and interactive classes through Zoom!

  • The BarraFIT classes are Jiu-Jitsu inspired fitness classes for students that are looking into getting a challenging and fun workout.
  • The GBK BJJ are kids Jiu-Jitsu classes.
  • The GB1 All Levels are for Advanced kids, juniors, and adult classes.

For Kids class; parents, it would be great to do the techniques with them and serve as their training partner. But if you cannot, we will also have drills that the kids can do on their own to learn the technique and movement.

For adults, we suggest the same thing… if you have someone that can work with you… fantastic, if not, no worries, you will have amazing solo drills with our Instructors!