GB Deerfield Virtual

As we mentioned before, Gracie Barra will be providing FULL and unlimited access to ALL the GB Online content to all active students.

If you are not familiar with GB Online, it’s where all video techniques of all our Curriculums will be. In addition to that a lot of the amazing GB instructors worldwide have volunteered to live stream a class to all GB Students in their school, as well as BarraFit to stay fit and active with your whole family! Those classes along with many more will all be available on the GB online platform.

We are working really hard to provide a lot of good material so you can all keep practicing from home and keep your BJJ skills sharp.

If you are an active student, you just need to go to to register yourself. As soon as we get your request, we will approve your account and you will have access to everything!


We are now starting on week 16 of the curriculum.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting the school in this challenging time.  We hope you all take this opportunity to really drill on some good habits.  We should all focus even harder on hygiene, sleep, nutrition and training consistency.  Our hope is for all of you to come out of this with some great fitness and better habits.  Continue to stay healthy; mentally and physically through your practice along with your whole family!

Make sure to stay tuned by following all of our social media platform: Instagram and Facebook only as well as keep a lookout for our emails with updates.