Why Should You Try Virtual Training?

Since the shutdown, because of the COVID-19 the Gracie Barra Community has switched to Virtual Training. The world needs now, more than ever, to stay healthy and active but at the same time we need to practice social distancing. Since Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that involves a lot of contact, people ask themselves if the Virtual Classes are the same as the Classes in house, and what are the benefits of doing virtual classes?

Virtual Training will be different from classes held at the school but that doesn’t mean classes won’t be Fun, Interactive, and Challenging. Actually, Online classes are a great opportunity to train important aspects of your Jiu-Jitsu and they will keep your endurance and cardio at a great level. Also, continuing your training on a set schedule will allow you and/or your child to build a routine, exercise discipline, practice focus, and work willpower muscles.

We are all dealing with a sudden routine change. Kids are not going to school and most people are staying at home the whole day. We have all lost many habits of our routine and are figuring out new ways to keep up with the changes.

The first benefit of joining our Virtual Classes is a sense of normalcy in this craziness since the classes follow the same structure and curriculum. Also, a commitment to do daily classes forces us to establish a routine, which demands that we stay disciplined because in order for us to do live classes we need to make sure that we are ready on time and have everything in place for us to execute well in class.


Another important benefit is that since we are not used to Online classes we tend to feel that we don’t know what to do and create barriers to convince ourselves why not to train and lack of motivation forces us to work our discipline and willpower.

These are trying times. Growth comes when we work outside of our comfort zone. In Jiu-Jitsu we learn to stay calm under pressure and to think before we attack, don’t just react to something, use your mind and patience, and choose the correct way forward. Now is the perfect time to strengthen these mental elements.

And also, the live classes are a fun time that we can hang out by the TV, see each other’s faces, and workout together. See you all in class, through Zoom! ?