We are open!



For more information:

call/text (847)504-7213 & email: info@gbdeerfield.com

Options of trainings: (Reservations for In-person classes required)

  1. Virtual training (on Zoom)
  2. Non-contact training (in-person, limited class size, solo drills)
  3. Household training (in-person, limited class size, contact training with a partner from same household)
  4. Limited contact training (in-person, limited class size, training contact, limited training partners)

Safety Procedures: We will focus our best efforts on two specific pillars: Strict Physical Distancing+ Elevated Sanitation Protocols!

  • Masks required unless you are in your designated square
  • Temperature check as you enter the school
  • Attendance cards will be handled by the instructors only
  • Sanitize hands/feet before and after class
  • Parents are encourage to drop off and pick up their kids
  • Deep cleaning between every class
  • Student kit: his/her own water bottle, towels/face wipes and training dummies (optional and could be homemade with a filled backpack, pillow of stuff animal)
  • Limited use of restrooms for emergency only
  • Instructors, coaches will be wearing masks
  • Limited attendance of 2 In-person classes per week
  • Students must come in wearing their complete uniform: Gis + rash guards + belt (please leave all non-essentials in the car)
  • 4-6 years old = parent/guardian will need to participate in the training with them
  • Both exit and entrance doors will be open to circulate air

Upon Arriving at the School:

  1. Before entering the school, students must wait until everyone in the previous class exit the building.
  2. Body Temperature Check: with masks on, body temperature check will be monitored upon students arrival.
  3. Sanitize your hands/feet before entering the mat to your designated area with your student kit.
  4. Once you are in your designated square, masks are optional due to squares being 6ft apart.

End of Class:

  1. Formal bows to end the class, and proceed to put your mask back on to exit the mat to sanitize hands/feet before leaving.
  2. Please leave the mat right after class so we may clean for next class.