Self Defense Summer Camp Schedules

Hi everyone, we’ve finally completed our summer camp schedule!

Below you can find a complete list of our camps with pertinent information:

Self Defense Summer Camp schedule for Lakeway! 

May 31- June 3 Bullyproof Self-Defense Camp

Objective: This camp will be focusing on the basics of self-defense.  We will be working on breaking grips, holds and learning how to disengage from an attacker tactically. Our goal is to teach kids about safe ways to protect themselves from an attacker. 

We’ll explore how to get out of grips, holds and how to learn how to fall properly. We will also learn how to get back up safely and engage with non-striking ways to defend. As part of the curriculum, we will be covering some light takedowns as well as some of the fundamentals of applying self-defense in a situation that requires it, without trying to punch or kick a “bully”.


June 6- June 10: Bullyproof Self-Defense Part 2! 

For this series, we will be focusing on some of the concepts we learned in week 1 and move into other self-defense situations, particularly from the ground position. This week, we will also cover striking defense. Please note, these camps can be taken individually or separately. They are structured so you do not need to come to Part 1 to understand part 2!

August 1st-August 5th: Headlocks, Headlocks, Headlocks!

This camp will be exploring a very common Self-defense theme of “headlocks”. Headlocks are a common strategy in self-defense situation since most people learn how to control the head and make things really uncomfortable for the person. We’ll be working through a variety of headlock escapes from both the standing position as well as the ground position in order to teach our students ways to protect themselves in the event they’re put in headlocks.

Towards the end of camp, we will also spend a day on escaping the front AND rear bear hugs, which is another common self-defense situation.

All will be from 1-4P with a capacity of 20.

Historically, these self-defense summer camps fill up so if you are interested, please reach out ASAP through one of our contact forms here.

Please note, we will be adding two more competition camps for students only. Those will be added for late June through Mid July.