Women’s Self-Defense Class

September 28th, 2019 Gracie Barra Dana Point will he hosting a Women’s Self-Defense Class, open to the community, from 9 am-11 am.

This class is designed to help women understand how powerful they can be and too help improve confidence in them selves. It is our objective to give all those in attendance the tools and knowledge they need to make it home if something should ever happen. We go over various situations a women being assaulted might find herself in and break down the steps on how to escape.

Everyone is welcome!

New Summer Schedule

New Summer Schedule is here! We have made some big changes to the schedule in hopes of making training even easier for our students. By adding more early morning classes, and a Fundamentals class on Wednesday at noon, we’ve made it possible to train Gi Jiu-Jitsu everyday of the week. We hope everybody takes advantage …

Gracie Barra Dana Point 2019 Competition Schedule

FEBRUARY: – PAN Kids – Jiu-Jitsu Tournament – February 17th – Long Beach, CA https://ibjjf.com/championship/pan-kids-jiu-jitsu-championship/ MARCH: – GB COMPNET Seasoning Open – March 2nd – Irvine, CA http://www.gbcompnet.com – Dream Jiu Jitsu – March 30th and 31st – West Covina, CA https://www.dreambjj.com/ APRIL: – Grand Canyon State Open April 6th – Phoenix, AZ https://www.sjjif.com/public/eventInfo/417 – …